Getting to Know You: Meet barre-OM® Instructor Jessica Craig


1)How long have you been taking barre?

I have been actively taking barre classes for over a year now. I was taking classes twice a week and fell in love with the classes.

2)What made you decide to become a barre instructor?

After my barre classes, I would feel so much better about myself. I was in a better mood, happier, and was noticing a huge different in my body. I wanted to share with all clients exactly how I was feeling, that’s when I knew I wanted to teach barre-OM® method.

3)What is your favorite part of barre class and why?

ABS. For a few reasons. I love having a strong core and I have seen the most results for myself coming from the abs section in class. Second, teaching abs is the most challenging part for me as a teacher because it is closer to the end of class and keeping my clients motivated is a whole new challenge in class. It’s all about motivating and cheering on my clients.

4)How would you describe your training experience?

Intense. Fun. Humbling. Powerful. I feel as if I am set up to be a great instructor because of this training. It was an extremely thorough and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

5)What advice would you give people that want to try barre?

Do it! Barre is such a great workout and it’s also very fun! I would advise to try a few classes before deciding if it’s for you or not. Barre-OM® is extremely challenging so be ready to […]

July 14th, 2015|

Getting to Know You: Meet barre-OM® Instructor Jennie Lawrence

1)How long have you been taking barre classes?

I’ve been taking barre classes since June 2014 at PAI Yoga & Fitness, after having two kids in two years. I came to gain back shape and strength after my babies but found much more in a method that empowered me to challenge my beliefs about my body and its capabilities! Since starting barre at PAI, I’ve tried other methods, but keep coming back to barre-OM® due to its unique blend of yoga inspired sequences and traditional barre moves.

2)What made you decide to become a barre instructor?

Prior to being a stay at home parent, I counseled and coached undergraduate and graduate students (most recently at Ohio State). Teaching and helping people achieve their goals feels natural for me. After I became obsessed with barre-OM®, I decided becoming a teacher would be the best way to share this workout and inspire clients to reach their best selves.

3)What is your favorite section of barre class and why?

It sounds cheesy, but it’s hard for me to pick just one! A lot of people love thigh work because that’s where most clients get into that shake zone the quickest. When I started taking barre classes, I was afraid of letting my muscles shake but after seeing such amazing results, I now crave it! I also love the abs section because I’m a sucker for pilates inspired moves!

4)How would you describe your training experience?

I couldn’t believe how quickly I learned all the ins and outs of structuring class and how […]

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Getting to Know You: Meet barre-OM® Instructor Lynn Ison

November 6th, 2014|

Workshops at PAI Yoga & Fitness

Check back for future dates!
PAI Barre Basics Workshop
This 75-minute workshop is designed to introduce you to barre classes so that you can understand the positions, pace, and movements. Both beginners and veterans can benefit by taking Barre 101, as it will include more explanations, hands-on correction, and more individual attention. No prior experience is required.
PAI Barre Intermediate Workshop 
Intermediate Barre will provide an opportunity for clients to take their barre practice to the next level! Cardio bursts will be interspersed throughout the workout, additional thigh and glute exercises will be added to the routine. The class will move quickly. It is recommended that clients take at least 5 barre classes prior to attending. Bring a water bottle and prepare to sweat!

October 18th, 2014|

Getting To Know You: Meet barre-OM® founder Rachel Wilson

1) What is barre?
In the 1950s/1960s, a German dancer by the name of Lotte Berk, created barre exercises. She created these exercises originally, as a means to help rehabilitate her back. Since then, barre has evolved and exists in countless forms throughout the nation. In short, barre is a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga fused together. The overall premise is that you work your muscles until utter exhaustion, and then you stretch them in order to achieve a dancer’s physique. Barre exercises are low-impact and classes often incorporate small weights, exercise balls, bands, and mats.
2) What is barre-OM® and how is it distinct from other methods?
Barre-OM® is distinct from other methods for several reasons. 1) Barre-OM® is more yoga-inspired. As a 200-hr Yoga Alliance certified instructor, I created a method that involves longer stretching in between different parts of classes. 2) Ample modifications are offered in classes. Barre-OM® does not take a one-size fits all approach. Everyone’s body is different. Some people have anatomical challenges that prevent them from completing certain exercises safely and effectively. We make a concerted effort to offer modifications throughout classes. 3) Barre-OM® encourages clients to find the balance between effort and ease. Great focus, effort, and stamina is required to complete certain sections of class. However, it is just as important to balance that out by breathing slowly during the stretches and calming the mind. Barre-OM® also incorporates a meditative aspect at the end of classes for clients to reflect upon their experiences and to quiet the mind. […]

October 18th, 2014|