Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barre?

Barre is a form of exercise that originated with German Dancer Lotte Berk in the 1950s. She developed these exercises in an effort to help rehabilitate her back. Since then, in recent years barre classes have swept the nation and we are happy to offer barre-OM®!

Through the use of interval training, barre classes target specific areas including arms, abs, seat, and thighs through tiny isometric movements. Barre classes often incorporate pilates, ballet, and yoga. The over-arching premise is that clients work a particular muscle until fatigue, and then stretch and lengthen the muscle. Classes are usually an hour-long and incorporate light weights, straps, tubing, balls, mats, and of course the ballet barre. Breathing techniques are incorporated in class in an effort to strengthen the core and increase endurance.

What makes barre-OM® different from other barre methods?

Barre-OM® is different from other methods in a variety of ways. Barre-OM® classes are challenging, transformative and results-oriented. Barre-OM® classes are designed to put the clients first. Clients have a variety of abilities, needs, challenges, and limitations, and it is important to acknowledge and respond to them appropriately. Barre-OM® achieves this by providing a host of modifications for clients. In addition, barre-OM® prides itself in providing mindful, meaningful, and thorough hands-on adjustments for clients. This way clients are able to maximize their efforts. Moreover, barre-OM® classes are always evolving. While traditional barre classes are offered, other offerings include cardio vascular elements and yoga movements as well. Lastly, barre-OM® heavily emphasizes the importance of safety so that clients are challenging themselves in a manner that is conducive to their bodies’ needs.

How can I become trained in barre-OM®?

Barre-OM® partners with studios. Instructors are trained at the studio and the studio enters into a licensing agreement with barre-OM®. (Individual instructors who are not affiliated with a studio may not be trained in barre-OM® at this time.) For more information, please contact

How long is the barre-OM® training?

The initial training lasts for 4 days. However, ongoing training occurs thereafter.

What should I wear/bring to class?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing. It is preferable to wear pants below the knee as opposed to shorts. Depending on the studio grippy sock, may or may not be required. Bring a bottle of water with you and if you tend to sweat, bring a small towel.

What can I expect at my first class?

You will expect to feel muscles that you did not know you had! Your muscles will burn and shake, but never fear, because we offer modifications for everyone. You can also expect fun high-energy music and a positive, supportive, challenging, and exciting environment.

What tips would you give to someone new to barre-OM®?

Keep an open mind. Listen closely to the cues the instructor gives to you and to other during class. It is better to listen to the instructor than to try to look around to see what other clients are doing. Try not to get discouraged. When done properly, barre classes are always a humbling experience. Most importantly, have fun!

Do I have to have prior dance experience in order to take class?

Prior dance experience is not a requirement. We use the ballet barre for support and we do incorporate various ballet positions/lingo but this is not a dance class. Come one come all!

Do I have to be flexible in order to take barre-OM® classes?

No. Flexibility is important in order to prevent injury and you will improve your flexibility by coming to barre classes regularly.

If I’m out of shape or injured can I still take barre-OM® Classes

If you are out of shape you can definitely still come to class. We will help you get back in shape! If you are injured, we recommend that you consult your doctor before coming to class. If you ultimately decide to come to class, make sure you let your instructor know if you have any injuries so that proper modifications can be made.

How many times a week should I take class?

We recommend that clients take class at least 3 days a week in order to see maximum results. It is also important to note that maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will affect your progress. Everyone has different fitness goals. Some come to barre 1-2x a week to supplement their marathon or triathlon training while others find that barre is a nice complement to their yoga classes. Still others come to class 5-7x a week. You have to do what is best for your body, fitness needs/goals etc.