Private / Group Sessions

Private Sessions

Private sessions (barre-OM® or yoga) are available primarily in Columbus, Ohio. Private sessions are recommended for first time-students, who want to familiarize themselves with the technique. Private sessions are also recommended for people with busy schedules or who simply prefer to work out alone. Private sessions allow for individualized attention and can be tailored for the specific needs of clients.

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private (barre-OM® or yoga) sessions involve 2-4 students working with one instructor. A semi-private session is beneficial because it still provides individualized instruction and allows clients to better understand the method.

Special Group Classes

Special group classes (barre-OM® or yoga) are available for various occasions including birthdays, girls’ night out, bridal showers, etc.

*For more information about private sessions, semi-private sessions, and special group classes for special occasions, please email or call (405) 896-0416.