July 14th, 2015

Meet barre-Om instructor Jennie Lawrence

1) How long have you been taking barre classes?

I’ve been taking barre classes since June 2014 at PAI Yoga & Fitness, after having two kids in two years. I came to gain back shape and strength after my babies but found much more in a method that empowered me to challenge my beliefs about my body and its capabilities! Since starting barre at PAI, I’ve tried other methods, but keep coming back to barre-OM® due to its unique blend of yoga inspired sequences and traditional barre moves.

2) What made you decide to become a barre instructor?

Prior to being a stay at home parent, I counseled and coached undergraduate and graduate students (most recently at Ohio State). Teaching and helping people achieve their goals feels natural for me. After I became obsessed with barre-OM®, I decided becoming a teacher would be the best way to share this workout and inspire clients to reach their best selves.

3) What is your favorite section of barre class and why?

It sounds cheesy, but it’s hard for me to pick just one! A lot of people love thigh work because that’s where most clients get into that shake zone the quickest. When I started taking barre classes, I was afraid of letting my muscles shake but after seeing such amazing results, I now crave it! I also love the abs section because I’m a sucker for pilates inspired moves!

4) How would you describe your training experience?

I couldn’t believe how quickly I learned all the ins and outs of structuring class and how to help clients via modifications and adjustments. I feel confident now to provide a challenging and supportive class no matter what fitness levels are in the room.

5) What advice would you give to people considering trying barre class?

I remember being very nervous because I didn’t know if I looked like a barre client but was immediately welcomed by barre-OM® founder Rachel Wilson. The entire method strives to offer an accessible workout to all fitness levels with meaningful modifications. I’d also encourage clients to take at least three classes before making a judgment, as you become more familiar with the language and poses throughout class, you’ll quickly start seeing results!

6) What is your general fitness routine?

I found a love for fitness later in life and started running in my mid-20s, while also enjoying yoga and pilates. Many marathons and half marathons and two kids later, I love the way barre-OM® offers the endorphin rush and challenges my mental toughness just like a long run without the strain on my joints. I try to do three barre-OM® classes a week, several yoga classes and lots of walking/running around with my two small boys!

Jennie Lawrence teaches barre-OM® classes at PAI Yoga & Fitness (www.paiyogafitness.com) on Saturdays at 9am at the Dublin studio. Email barreominfo@gmail.com for more information about classes, workshops or training.