Client Testimonials

Rachel is a tremendous teacher! She is energetic, motivating, and keeps things moving throughout a class! She brings all of this and more to her training sessions as well. She takes time to think what it takes to effectively teach barre and teaches this to her barre teacher trainees. She is always well-prepared but adaptable to fit individual or group needs. Rachel will help you learn and think about not only barre technique and teaching it but also about your philosophy as a teacher and how you can best teach and encourage students!

Laura D.

Rachel Wilson is a one of a kind instructor. I had the pleasure of taking classes from her for over a year and she transformed my body and my passion for barre. Not only did she help take a minute off my mile/run time but she helped change my body in ways I never knew possible. Rachel is the type of teacher that you rearrange your schedule to make sure you can take her class everyday possible. Each class she brings an unparalleled level of motivation, creativity, and positivity. She truly finds the balance between pushing you to your limits and keeping a smile on both of your faces. Her technique is unlike any other barre studio I have found and she spends the time to make sure each student is doing every exercise correctly. I am so sad that I do not live in Ohio to take her classes!

Kristin B.

What I love about Rachel is that she’s a cheerleader. When you want to quit, she’ll push you to go further and try harder. You’ll do it, because she supports you. She’s positive and her positivity rubs off on you and you end up doing things that you didn’t think your body could do.

Alex D.

I love Rachel! I had Rachel as a barre instructor for about two years Rachel’s enthusiasm, push, and talent at guiding us to work our bodies deeply motivated me to come to her classes regularly. She is a wonderful combination of fun, tough and skilled – she knew where we could work deeper, and pushed us there.

Sheetal P.

Rachel is one of the best instructors I’ve ever worked with. She has an unbelievable ability to motivate her students. She’s a perfect combination of upbeat and encouraging – but also tough! She makes you want to work harder by inspiring you with her confidence and positive attitude. Rachel makes exercises easy to understand by talking clients through the moves and clearly explaining how to improve. She has total mastery of body mechanics so she knows what makes for a hard but safe workout.

Libby C.

I hated Rachel from the very first time I met her – that absolutely wonderful hate that only an amazing instructor can generate from an aching student. I’d taken a few barre classes at the studio where she was working, and had instantly fallen for barre as a new, challenging type of workout. But it was at Rachel’s class that my crush on barre became a lifelong love affair. She pushes your muscles to the limit, all while smiling and rocking out to the best playlists ever (who can forget her Beyonce and Jay-Z tribute after the birth of Blue Ivy?). When you think you can’t possibly challenge your body anymore, she scoots your way and makes a subtle correction that makes you want to kick her in the shins, except that her injury would mean that she wouldn’t be able to teach her next class. And there is no way I’m missing that. My intention when I began barre was never to lose weight. I have high metabolism and was instead looking for more muscle definition in my legs and a more toned mid-section. Mission accomplished! I’m in the best shape of my life, and when my friends tell me so, I give Rachel all the credit.

Rachel S.

I love fitness classes…all types of classes, but it all comes down to the instructor of the class. Good fitness class, bad instructor=I won’t stick with it. Good class, great instructor=priceless. Rachel is one of the best instructors I’ve ever taken a class from. Positive, inspiring, fun and passionate are a few words that come to mind when I think about her classes. No matter how tough the move, Rachel is always quick to say something motivating to get you through to the next level. I think I could probably take any kind of class Rachel taught and I would likely enjoy it! She is a true professional and one of my favorite instructors.

Mary B.

Rachel Wilson got me hooked on barre. I was always a runner and loved yoga, I craved the structure of a class, but never stuck with it consistently. After taking Rachel’s class for the first time, I immediately signed up for another. I like that her classes are always challenging but she switches it up so it never gets boring. She’s a great motivator and gently corrects so that you work to your full potential. She taught me that breathing is an integral part of the practice and it will make you stronger, faster (it’s true!) I’m now a barre-fan for life and have Rachel to thank!

Erin W.

I had the privilege of training under Rachel when I decided to start teaching barre and I could have not asked for a better, more energetic teacher! Becoming an instructor can be a daunting and somewhat scary experience, but Rachel made the process fun and totally accessible. She broke down the process into pieces that made sense and encouraged us to practice each part as a stand alone piece –so as not to get completely overwhelmed by the idea of teaching an entire class! She was incredibly patient with all the trainees and gave us positive feedback to encourage us along. Rachel was also challenging and provided constructive criticism as needed, which was incredibly useful as it helped improve our technique and delivery from the get-go. As an instructor and as a trainer Rachel has an incredible ability to help students visualize exactly how barre exercises are supposed to be executed. Rachel is one of those rare barre instructors who is both warm and personable, but no-nonsense and challenging. She knows how to push each student to their limit and make sure that they are doing their best, every single time.

Teresita P.

I trained under Rachel in December of 2012 and began teaching solo classes just two months later. I wasn’t sure what a weekend of barre teacher training would entail, and was impressed to find Rachel prepared, focused, and welcoming. She was enthusiastic and her instruction was articulate and concise. I quickly adopted her rhythm and syntax and found myself booming, “…and tuck!” to an invisible class, without hesitation. Her in-depth analysis of proper alignment, technique, and positions ensured that my classes were safe and effective. I left the training weekend with a brain and a binder, both full of knowledge only she could have delivered. Rachel has a keen ability to relate to her students as an instructor, a fellow barre student, and as a friend.

Mia T.

After taking barre classes for five years, I decided to train to teach with one of my favorite teachers at that time, Rachel Wilson. She showed herself to be an amazing trainer for the very same reasons I loved her as a teacher. Rachel was motivating, pushed me to my limits, and kept the process both focused and fun. The training sessions were extremely informative and Rachel did an excellent job of breaking the class down into easy to understand segments. The entire process made me realize all that goes into being a barre instructor and the amount of dedication and love you must have for the method, but Rachel’s mentoring reenforced the reasons why I wanted to teach and made that goal attainable for me. I trained with a few others and Rachel allowed and encouraged each of us to maintain our own personality when developing our teaching style. I believe this is why those who train with Rachel are successful. An emphasis on staying true to yourself and remembering why you wanted to teach in the first place.

Teresa C.

Trainee Testimonials

I was so flattered when Rachel first asked if I was interested in becoming a barre instructor since fitness is a love and priority in my own life, but getting up in front of a class and having people listen to me lead them through a class for an hour, to be honest, kind of terrified me. Thankfully, Rachel has a contagious enthusiasm for barre, and she has set up training in a way that breaks the whole class down into manageable pieces. Her positive feedback, constructive criticism, and openness to questions moved me from a class-goer to a teacher myself. Rachel has perfectly combined her strengths in creating barre-OM® since she is a natural teacher and a strong athlete with a clear passion for health and wellness. She is so warm and genuine with her encouragement and has such a skill in building the confidence of her trainees while imparting the (vast) material of the barre-OM® system.

Lynn I.

My training experience with the barre-OM® method was a last minute decision, but also one of the greatest decisions I have made. And by last minute I mean the first barre class I ever took was on the Monday right before the teacher training began. This says a great deal about the barre method. It’s captivating. After my first class, I was instantly hooked. The teacher training that following weekend only supported what I already knew; I absolutely loved barre. Initially I was scared to become a teacher because the training was such a last minute decision. My fears were washed away after the first training session. It was a lot of knowledge to take in, but the learning was made easy with the support I had from the trainer Rachel Wilson, and my fellow trainee Lynn Ison. Also, there was a lot of practice teaching involved, which helped me grow immensely as a teacher. Upon completely the training, I was overcome with joy. Joy in myself for completing what I set out to do, and joy with being able to share this incredible method with others.

Jenna Z.

I had been taking barre-OM® classes consistently for many months, when I decided to take a risk and inquire about teacher training. As a former advisor and instructor at the collegiate level, I was confident in my ability to lead a group, but unsure how I could possibly learn the method, its hands-on adjustments, and verbal cues well enough to teach barre-OM®. Rachel Wilson’s energy, clear explanations and willingness to provide continual, ongoing training and feedback have empowered me to structure a 45 or 60 minute barre-OM® class with confidence. My favorite part of teaching this method (besides motivating clients to reach their goals!) is the artistic freedom we have as instructors regarding our the playlists and choreography choices. Becoming trained as a barre-OM® instructor is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made; I’m so grateful to be part of its community of strong teachers and clients!

Jennie L.

When I made the decision to get back in shape after having my second son, I wanted to find a workout that was fun, energetic, challenging both mentally and physically without hurting myself. I wanted to slowly make my way back into feeling in shape and that is when I found barre-OM®. Barre-OM® allowed me to modify the workout to fit my body and what I wanted to get out of my hour workout. It was time away for just me and I was finding that I couldn’t get enough. I loved how I saw results almost immediately and that I was having fun while I worked out. Barre-OM® has increased my mental and physical wellness as well as whipped me back in shape. I found that I was quickly becoming addicted to the method because it was working everything that I wanted to work which included, toning of the arms, thighs, seat and strengthening my core back to where I wanted it to be. I loved taking classes so much that I decided to become a certified barre-OM® instructor. I find it just as challenging to take the class as to motivate my students and coach them through the class. Barre-OM® is such a great method and I would encourage everyone to try it!

Jessica C.

Barre-OM® training was an experience I will never forget! Being one of the chosen few that wear the title of barre-OM® instructor and to learn the method from founder Rachel Wilson has been an amazing experience! Rachel has been a great mentor, offering positive and constructive feedback in training and as a new teacher. Her goal isn’t to create little Rachels but to empower trainees to do their best and offer clients a top notch experience. Barre-OM® is unique in the sense that I was able to learn how to sequence powerful and effective class but still able to show my personality! As a client, barre-OM® classes are challenging, but offer modifications for beginners or advanced clients all in the same class! My mind, body and spirit are thankful for Rachel and barre-OM®.

Joe Y.

Yelp Reviews

Rachel is the absolute best teacher ever! She will help push you to your limit and still have you laughing and happy when it is all over.


Rachel is so far my fave – great instructor w a great attitude, and if you need inspiration to tuck & shake it out….you need only look at her arms! The woman gives Michelle O a run for her money!


I’ve taken most of my classes with Rachel, who has a contagious enthusiasm and a real talent for making complicated movements seems simple (if not necessarily easy).


I am especially a fan of Rachel’s classes. Her regimen is challenging without being impossible. I feel stronger and more flexible after taking her classes.


Amazing energy, and will prove to you why you need to go more often – have you seen those arms?!


Rachel’s class was definitely way harder and maybe a little bit over my ability level, but I hung in there through the entire thing and can say it was definitely a worthwhile workout. I definitely felt it the next day.


Rachel is the super-postive-but-will-push-you-till-you-can’t-go-­any-further instructor.


Rachel is an amazing teacher. She switches things up, which is great to make sure you get a different burn (and I mean burn in the good way. Not the icky or send you to the ER kind of burn). And if a little bit of encouragement/desire to please doesn’t do it for you- just take a sneak peak at Rachel’s arms. Girl is toned! Isn’t that why we’re here in the first place!?